Complaints Policy & Appeal Policy

If you would like to file a complaint, please contact our company complaints department via email: All complaints will be reviewed and addressed within 7 business days via email reply to your complaint.

If you have been depicted in any content and would like to appeal removal of such content, please notify us by sending an email here: If there should there be a disagreement regarding an appeal, we will allow the disagreement to be resolved by a neutral body.

I. Complaints Policy

We are very careful about the content posted by our creators. that's why we have implemented a strict complaints management policy:

*Reporting of content that may be illegal or otherwise violates the Standards
*All such reported complaints will be reviewed and resolved within seven business days

Process for Review or Investigations:

  1. Initial Report: The process often begins with an initial report or complaint. This could be submitted by an employee, customer, or even flagged by internal audits.

  2. Preliminary Assessment: A designated team or individual conducts a preliminary assessment to determine if the issue requires a formal investigation.

  3. Formal Investigation: If warranted, a formal investigation is initiated. This often involves gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and consulting documentation. This process should be impartial, comprehensive, and timely.

  4. Interim Measures: If necessary, interim measures such as suspensions or temporary reassignments may be put in place to ensure the integrity of the investigation.

  5. Final Report and Recommendations: After concluding the investigation, a final report summarizing the findings and recommendations is prepared. This is often reviewed by a senior panel.

  6. Decision Making: Based on the final report, the designated authorities will make a decision. This could involve disciplinary action, process changes, or other outcomes.

Appeals Process:

  1. Notification: Once a decision is made, the affected parties are notified in writing, which also includes information on how to appeal the decision.

  2. Submission of Appeal: Appeals must be submitted within a defined timeframe and should clearly state the grounds for the appeal.

  3. Review of Appeal: A separate panel, or sometimes higher-ranking officials, will review the appeal. This ensures that the initial decision is scrutinized independently.

  4. Decision on Appeal: A final decision is made, often after re-examining the evidence and perhaps conducting additional interviews.

  5. Notification: Parties are notified of the outcome of the appeal.

Potential Outcomes of Investigations/Reviews:

  1. No Action: Investigation finds that no breach or issue has occurred.

  2. Disciplinary Action: Penalties ranging from a warning to termination can be levied depending on the severity of the findings.

  3. Policy Changes: Sometimes an investigation may reveal systemic issues that require policy changes.

  4. Legal Consequences: In extreme cases, legal action could be initiated based on the findings.

  5. Public Disclosure: Depending on the nature of the issue and the organization’s policies, a public disclosure may be necessary.

  6. Appeal Successful: If the appeal is successful, earlier decisions may be reversed, and further action may be taken to rectify the issue.

Contact Information

For more details, please contact us at

II. Appeal Policy

Our Appeal Policy provides a framework for addressing issues that emerge from our platform's Complaints Policy.

Appeal Policy for Wow.Fans

We understand that sometimes decisions might not align with our perspective, which is why we offer an appeals process. If you're a content creator who has had content removed or altered based on our Complaints Policy and believe this action to be unfair or incorrect, please read the following procedures to understand how you can appeal the decision.

Initiating the Appeal

  1. Submission Window: Appeals must be submitted within 10 business days from the date of receiving the original decision. Appeals submitted after this window will not be considered.

  2. Method of Appeal: Appeals should be sent via email to

  3. Content Requirements: The appeal must be submitted in writing and should include:

    • Username and associated email address
    • Detailed grounds for the appeal, including any evidence you wish to include
    • Reference to the original decision, such as the case number, date, etc.

Appeal Assessment Process

  1. Acknowledgment: Upon receiving the appeal, a confirmation email will be sent within two business days.

  2. Secondary Review Team: Your appeal will be forwarded to a secondary review team distinct from the original decision-makers. This ensures objectivity and reduces conflict of interest.

  3. Review Period: The appeal will be thoroughly reviewed within 14 business days. Additional time may be required for complex cases.

  4. Consultation: The secondary review team may consult legal advisors, ethical experts, or other pertinent parties during this period.

Appeal Outcomes

  1. Uphold Original Decision: If the original decision is upheld, no further appeal is available within the platform.

  2. Reverse Original Decision: If the decision is reversed, the appropriate adjustments will be made, and a formal apology will be issued.

  3. Modify Original Decision: In some instances, the original decision may be modified to a less severe form of disciplinary action.


All parties involved will be informed of the appeal decision via email. The email will also outline any next steps or actions that will be taken as a result.

Transparency Report

We are committed to transparency and will include summarized data of appeals in our annual transparency report. This data will exclude personal identifiers but will focus on statistics related to the number and types of appeals and their outcomes.

Legal Considerations

Note that even a successful appeal within our platform may not preclude legal action by third parties or other consequences under applicable laws.

Contact Information

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